About the Inclusion Creators Collective

How the ICC helps you:

  • Access to an expert

    In the ICC you get access to me, someone who lives and breathes inclusion because my knowledge and advice is based on lived experience and not on theoretical concepts. My expertise is based on the in-depth complexities and nuances of living life as a marginalised person.

  • A place to ask uncomfortable questions

    In the ICC you are welcome to ask questions about inclusion, diversity, racism, colorism, sexism and all the other isms. You know... the questions you have but aren't sure if it's ok for you to ask. Every month during our monthly LIVE call you will get an opportunity to ask the questions you need answers for.

  • Ongoing online learning

    Inclusion work is an ongoing personal and business journey. In the ICC you get access to monthly learning modules on inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, allyship and more. You no longer have to search for courses in these fields. They are all delivered to you within the membership online academy.

  • Unconscious bias awareness

    You get to bring awarness to unconscious biases you may have lurking in your subconscious through the unconscious bias workshops held every month in the ICC. These workshops also give you a step-by-step process to deal with unconscious biases you find that don't align with your value system or who you are.

  • A community that gets you

    Wanting to create a business that's inclusive, accessible and equitable is something that not all business owners strive for (or even think about). Entrepreneurs often don't think about the social or global impact their business has. But you do. In the ICC you get to be part of a community of business owners who get you and want to leave a positive social impact in the world too.

  • A gentle & open coach

    The gentleness, openness, and capacity for compassion I hold for members within the ICC are said to be one of the best part of he membership. I understand inclusion work, unconscious bias work and unpacking privilege within yourself & your business can be confronting. My ability to hold a safe space for members is a gift and superpower I have to share with you.

What you get in the ICC

You get high-touch support in so many ways !

You are supported by me in so many ways in the Inclusion Creators Collective. Here are four ways I support you to unpack your biases, and your privilege and to create an inclusive business that organically attracts diverse clients, and creates positive social change.

1- Online self-paced e-courses

A new e-course is released with varying topics around inclusion, diversity, equity, allyship, accessibility and more. They are stored in your ICC learning academy where you can access & complete them at your own pace.

2- LIVE group coaching/mentoring sessions

Every month, you can jump on a zoom call for an hour of hot-seat style coaching and mentoring from me. This is a safe space I hold for you to ask any questions you have. Especially the ones you've been afraid to ask in other spaces.

3- Unconscious Bias LIVE workshops

An unconscious bias workshop is delivered in the ICC every month.  With a different topic each time, you'll be supported to become aware of your unconscious biases and are gently guided on how to acknowledge and process them in a personal and socially meaningful way.

4- Private Facebook Community Space

Having a space where inclusion creators, like you, can come together as a community is vital to inclusion work. Finding how you're connected to one another and building supportive relationships in the ICC ensures you'll never feel alone, isolated or unsupported while innovating your business in a socially conscious & responsible way.

Creating inclusion in your business

with a simple 4-step cycle framework

The Inclusion Creators Collective acknowledges the importance of cycles in business and life for success. The ICC integrates Aboriginal knowledge of seasonal cycles into a 4-week cycle within the membership.


The first week of the month is for listening and learning.  A new module is released this week.


The second week is for critical thinking, asking questions, and looking at how you can create more inclusion in your business. During this week, members participate in a LIVE group coaching session.


Week 3 is implementations week. A week for conscious action in your business to complete inclusive tasks and upgrades to your business.


The final week of the Inclusive Business cycle is for doing inner work. A LIVE unconscious bias workshop is held for members with a debriefing session afterward.


Every month, Louise works through this cycle with you in this high-touch collective to ensure inclusion is embodied in your business and that it creates positive change in the world.

Putting my hand up for you

Being Aboriginal, I have experienced exclusion and marginalisation from society since the day I was born. With a lifetime of experience I know the ins and outs of exclusionary behaviour within society and the online business space. Witnessing the extreme levels of conditioning the oppressive systems go to uphold exclusion of marginalised groups, I also know the deep work required to unpack privilege, biases and other systems within business owners as well as the business itself. It's a lot and it's lifetime journey. That's why I'm putting my hand up for you. I'm here with all my knowledge and experience to support as an entrepreneur to create an inclusive and equitable business.

Know what's okay for you to say to avoid causing harm to marginalise communities

Simple framework within the Inclusion Creators Collective enable you to easily identify what is and is not appropriate for you to do or say in your business. This framework steers you away from causing unintentional harm to marginalised communities.

know the tangible actions you can take to be a more inclusive, accessible and equitable business

You want to know the actions you can take in your business to be more inclusive, accessible and equitable. In the ICC you are given bite-sized bespoke actions for you to take.

Feel the confidence & clarity when you know how you & your business fit into positive social impact

It's confusing and frustrating when you want to be an active participant in positive social change but your not clear on how you can do that. In the ICC you'll have clarity on your unique inclusion style which'll inform you on how you fit into the positive social impact and inclusion movement through your business.

Feel completely supported by me

Unpacking biases and privileges can be hard. Realising how we contribute to upholding systems that oppress marginlised people through our businesses can be even harder. I hold a gentle, compassionate space for you so you can feel completely supported through this.


Everything you need in one place!

The Inclusion Creators Collective has been created with you in mind. Here's a list of everything you get when you become a member of the ICC community.

  • LIVE hotseat style coaching call every month

  • LIVE Uncovering Unconscious Bias Workshop every month

  • A new video training released every month

  • Access to the ICC learning academy for self-paced learning

  • A private ICC members only Facebook community

30-day Money-back Guarantee!

  • My promise to you

    If you join the Inclusion Creators Collective and feel it's not right for you. I promise you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • No questions asked

    On top of that 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions will be asked when you request a refund.

A bit about Louise

because connection the space-holder is important

Louise is an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Allyship coach who helps Australian service-based business owners move from the confusion of how to create an inclusive and equitable business into a confidence and clarity about how they can respectful and effectively run an inclusive business that creates positive social change and is done in a way that’s unique to them and their business.

As a Warrwa-Noongar Aboriginal woman, Louise has experienced the impacts of exclusion and discrimination her whole life. Part of which she shares in a book she co-authored, titled “A Woman’s Journey to Empowerment”.

There are 258 people enrolled to Louise’s online learning academy where she creates online courses and workshops. This is also the place she hosts her membership, The Inclusion Creators Collective.

Creating short educational videos is something that Louise loves making for her 5,104 TikTok followers.

Another two things Louise loves and appreciates is that Leonie Dawson listed doing one of Louise’s courses as one of her top 100 things Leonie did, and loved in 2020. And that Tash Corbin has invited Louise as an expert speaker for the 2023 Heart-Centred Conference.

Louise lives in Boorloo (Perth WA) with her husband (who she has enjoyed sharing the last 16 years of her life with), and their two children. You can usually find Louise reading a book in her garden, painting a story through Aboriginal art, or competing in a Super Mario Bro’s Cart battle with her family

Sharon Joy's experience

in the Inclusion Creators Collective

Chantelle King shares

about being an Inclusion Creators Collective Member

What Emily Osmond thinks about

the Inclusion Creators Collective

What Michelle House has to say

about the Inclusion Creators Collective

Who is the ICC for?

The inclusion Creator's Collective is for you if this sounds like you:

  • Online service-based entrepreneurs who value inclusion, diversity, accessibility and equity.

  • Australian based business owners who want to show respect and acknowledge Aboriginal people & culture.

  • Business owners who are ready to unpack their privilege & biases to become a socially responsible and conscious CEO.

  • Entrepreneurs who are committed to actively dismantling the systems that uphold exclusion in tehir business and want to be part of positive change.

  • You identify as a white cis-gendered person and you're ready to unpack that.

Who isn't the ICC for?

There are lots of ways you can work with Louise but if this sound like you, the Inclusion Creator's Collective isn't the best (or safest) container for you to work with Louise in.

  • Not an online business owner

  • If you own a product-based business.

  • If your business is based outside of Australia

  • If you belong to a marginalised community. (Because this work brings out biases that are steeped in colonialism and white supremacy, I cannot provide a safe container for you within the ICC. I most certainly can in another container though. You're safety is my priority.)


  • How long do I have to stay in the membership?

    There is no minimum or maximum length of time in the Inclusion Creators Collective. You can cancel your membership at any time.

  • What is the price of the membership?

    The membership is $99 AU per month. You can elect to pay for it monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly. To ensure equity in the pricing, it does not change depending on how often you pay.

  • How do the payments work?

    Your first payment will come out when you sign up for the Inclusion Creator's Collective. Depending on the frequency of payment you have selected, your next payment will be in alignment with your payment frequency. For example, if you've chosen to pay monthly, your second payment will be made one month from your first payment. If you chose to pay quarterly, your second payment will be 3 months from the first payment.

  • How are the LIVE calls done?

    The LIVE coaching/mentoring calls are held on zoom. Members who are will get an opportunity to ask questions directly to Louise like a 1:1 session. Those who are listening will benefit from both the questions and the answers spoken in that space. There is 1 hour allocated for these calls. If you are not able to make it (and time is available), Louise will answer questions that have been sent to her.

  • How do I access the online learning components?

    The online learning modules can be found in the learning hub, which is hosted here on Thinkific. When you join the ICC you will need to create a Thinkific account. Every time you sign in to your Thinkific account it'll give you access the Inclusion Creator's Collective learning hub where you can access the modules.

  • How does it work if I request a refund within the first 30-days of signing up?

    If you sign up to the Inclusion Creator's Collective and decide that it's not quite right for you, you can email louise at louiseoreilly.shieldandconch@gmail.com and request a refund. As part of the 30-day money-back guarantee on offer with this membership, Louise will cancel your membership and refund your full payment with no questions asked. The refund will take between 5-10 days to show up in your account.

  • How do I attend the monthly LIVE Uncovering Unconscious Bias Workshops?

    The Uncovering Unconscious Bias Workshops are held monthly on zoom. Attendees and members who watch the replay have an opportunity to participate in a new workshop every month. Each month there is a different theme.

  • How do I find out the dates for the monthly calls and workshops?

    There are a few ways. Firstly, Louise emails all members at the start of each month with the dates. Events are created in the Inclusion Creator's Collective private Facebook group so members can get FB notifications about them. And you are welcome to email Louise or message her through her Facebook page. In general, the LIVE call is held in the second week of the month and the Uncovering Unconscious Bias Workshop is held in the fourth week of the month.

  • If I sign up, will I get access to all of the learning modules straight away?

    Avoiding the likelihood of you experiencing overwhelm is important in the ICC. Because of this, one learning module is released to you every month. Learning, processing and then implementing are key components in the Inclusion Creator's Collective.

What members have said about the ICC

You won’t find a higher level of real time support

Amanda Freeman- Coach, Mentor and Energy Healing Practitioner

I’ve known Louise for quite a few years now, and have been in her inclusion membership for the past 5 months. You won’t find a higher level of real time support and action than this membership.

It's powerful & beautiful and I love it!

Michelle House

It's everything you need in business. It's the strategic side of it. It's the inclusion and diversity side of it. It's the supportive side of it. It's really powerful and beautiful and I love it!

I've learned so much

Chantelle King

I'm so grateful and appreciative of the membership, I've learned so much.

Highly recommended!

Sharon Joy

I highly recommend this container. I love your work Louise x

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Inclusion Creators Collective Membership!

    • Welcome - Watch me first!

  • 2

    Important dates & links

    • Call dates, times and links

    • Calendar of important dates

    • Links and how to connect

  • 3

    Recordings - LIVE Coaching Calls

    • November 2022

    • October 2022

    • September 2022

    • August 2022

    • July 2022

    • May 2022

    • April 2022

    • September 2021

  • 4

    Allyship that feels amazing and aligned to you

    • LIVE training video

  • 5

    3 Keys to Simplifying Inclusion in Business

    • LIVE Webinar

  • 6

    What to do when your inclusive action cause offence

    • LIVE training video

  • 7

    Offering scholarships for Aboriginal people and other marginalised groups

    • LIVE training video

  • 8

    Month 1: 15 Simple ways to be more inclusive in business

    • Video Training

    • Downloadable checklist - Simple ways to be more inclusive in business

  • 9

    ACTION WEEK - Month 1

  • 10

    Month 2: Transmuting Unconscious Bias

    • Training video

    • Journal Prompt worksheet - Uncovering Unconscious Bias

  • 11

    ACTION WEEK- Month 2

    • How to participate in Inclusion Action Week

    • Day 1 - Finding Expert Marginalised Voices

    • Day 2 - Finding Marginalised Voices in Your Niche

    • Day 3 - Transcripts for your audio and video

    • Day 4 - "Inclusion"

    • Day 5 - Invitation to share

  • 12

    Month 3: Acknowledgment of Country for Business Masterclass

    • Watch the Materclass here

  • 13

    ACTION WEEK- Month 3

    • Day 1 - The Groundwork of Acknowledgments

    • Day 2 - People, Country and writing a website Acknowledgment

    • Day 3 - Acknowledgment of Country on your website

    • Day 4 - Acknowledgment of Country on your platforms

  • 14

    ACTION WEEK- Month 4

    • Inclusion Action Week Acknowledgment of Country

    • Day 1 - The one word

    • Day 2 - Guest speaker Inclusion Policy when you're the guest speaker

    • Day 3 - Diversity in your guest speaker lineup

    • Day 4 - Aboriginal representation in your calendar

    • Day 5 - Marginalised group representation in your calendar

  • 15

    Uncovering Unconscious Bias Workshops

    • Socially Responsible Business Owner

Testimonials from previous courses

This work is life-changing!

Nicola Chung- Soul-led Branding & Business Coach

This work is life-changing. I'm in the current 4-week biz program and holy fu$k! I can't recommend it enough for anyone who truly wants to create an inclusive business and grow like hell on a personal level. Don't think about doing it, if you're serious about making this change in the world, jump in!

Louise has a special gift in the way she shares her cultural knowledge

By Liz Dare, Perth, Western Australia

What an amazing space Louise has created here. Louise has a special gift in the way she shares her cultural knowledge and practical ways we can all grow our awareness and use of inclusive language and by doing so contribute to creating a more inclusive world. Thank you Louise for sharing that gift.

I was able to reflect on and improve my inclusivity, understand my privilege and how to actually use that for good

Charlotte Pointeaux

Louise's Culturally Inclusive Language is a must-do course for any white person period. Having taken cultural competency training in Australia previously, I have learnt so much more in Louise's course than anywhere else. Louise gave me tools and insight to implement right away in my everyday, with my family, and in my business. I was able to reflect on and improve my inclusivity, understand my privilege and how to actually use that for good, and deepen my understanding around how systemic racism works - and will continue to do so long-term. Louise is an excellent teacher and held a very safe, judgement-free space for me to learn and test my understanding in a way that gave me confidence to speak up as an ally, whereas before I would have retreated out of fear of doing more harm. I am so grateful to Louise for so generously sharing her knowledge and experience - we have so much to learn about social justice from her.

Her loving patience has given me the courage to speak up against racism

by Karola H, Melbourne, Australia

Louise has created a safe, inclusive space. Her loving patience has given me the courage to speak up against racism and discrimination even if I get it wrong sometimes. The course has also helped me to realise that I want to go much deeper in educating myself in Aboriginal culture because it's the only real way that I can contribute to creating an inclusive society. Thank you Louise O'Reilly! 💗

Your words, your teachings and your energy opened something within me.

by Osnat Patton, Gold Coast, Australia

Your words, your teachings and your energy opened something within me. I've already learned so much about my own ignorance, my hidden prejudice. You've deepened my desire to do better and be better.

Delivered with Grace, Generosity & Compassion

by Sharon Pegrum, Perth WA

I came into Louise’s Inclusive Language course feeling like I had somewhat of a grasp on inclusivity but I was blown away by what I didn’t know. I often sign up for courses like this and don’t follow through but I found I was eager to complete all the days. This course is highly invaluable and gives an amazing amount of knowledge for free. As with everything Louise offers it is delivered with grace, generosity and compassion while addressing everyday issues and giving practical steps for change. Louise has a knack for leading you to know what you don’t know in a way that is non-judgmental and gives you simple yet effective steps to do better. Thank you again Louise for providing this offering and for sharing your culture and stores. I can’t wait for the next one xx