Her loving patience has given me the courage to speak up against racism

by Karola H, Melbourne, Australia

Louise has created a safe, inclusive space. Her loving patience has given me the courage to speak up against racism and discrimination even if I get it wrong sometimes. The course has also helped me to realise that I want to go much deeper in educating myself in Aboriginal culture because it's the only real way that I can contribute to creating an inclusive society. Thank you Louise O'Reilly! 💗

Louise has a special gift in the way she shares her cultural knowledge

By Liz Dare, Perth, Western Australia

What an amazing space Louise has created here. Louise has a special gift in the way she shares her cultural knowledge and practical ways we can all grow our awareness and use of inclusive language and by doing so contribute to creating a more inclusive world. Thank you Louise for sharing that gift.

Your words, your teachings and your energy opened something within me.

by Osnat Patton, Gold Coast, Australia

Your words, your teachings and your energy opened something within me. I've already learned so much about my own ignorance, my hidden prejudice. You've deepened my desire to do better and be better.

Delivered with Grace, Generosity & Compassion

by Sharon Pegrum, Perth WA

I came into Louise’s Inclusive Language course feeling like I had somewhat of a grasp on inclusivity but I was blown away by what I didn’t know. I often sign up for courses like this and don’t follow through but I found I was eager to complete all the days. This course is highly invaluable and gives an amazing amount of knowledge for free. As with everything Louise offers it is delivered with grace, generosity and compassion while addressing everyday issues and giving practical steps for change. Louise has a knack for leading you to know what you don’t know in a way that is non-judgmental and gives you simple yet effective steps to do better. Thank you again Louise for providing this offering and for sharing your culture and stores. I can’t wait for the next one xx

Cultural Inclusion Knowledge Sharer

Louise O'Reilly

The status quo is something that I refuse to swallow. Providing online courses to stimulate harmonious & inclusive change in the world where every global citizen can say I'm #FreeToBeMe. That’s the big picture goal. For now, I’m focusing on cultural inclusiveness of Aboriginal people here in Australia. My name is Louis O’Reilly and I’m a Warrwa-Noongar Aboriginal woman based in Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia). Through my experiences with identity and personal journey of self-discovery, I realised society wasn't always accepting of me, my community or my culture. I noticed there was a real lack of Aboriginal inclusiveness in Australia. I realised the average Australian wasn’t aware of the negative impacts that societal norms and social conditioning had on them, the Aboriginal community, or other BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Colour) communities around the world. I witnesses the absence of Aboriginal perspectives in the world of words and language, so I started to write. Writing blogs about Aboriginal people, culture and history through the eyes of an Aboriginal person. With the intention of connecting person-to-person, heart-to-heart to elicit feeling of connectedness and unity as people of the Earth. And providing new way of looking at our similarities and our differences with acceptance and love. A lot of my work is focuses on human rights and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. You see, I fell in love with words and the emotions that can create within people. The more I learned about words and language, the more I understood about the power they possessed. They could be used to bring peace and unity or they could be used to create harm and hatred. They can create inclusion or segregation. For too long I saw words and language being used as weapons turning people against people. I can see the subliminal messages between the spaces of the words. I can see the conditioning it’s having on your mind. And I want to teach you how to see it too. Join me in this course and I will show you. Let me show you how to use your words to create inclusion and how to make it ripple out in to the world. Outside of my two businesses, Ascension Personal Development Academy & www.LouiseOReilly.com.au, I'm a freelance writer for Amnesty International Australia. I'm a radio host for an Aboriginal women's empowerment program called Yorgas Yarning (women talking) on 100.9fm Noongar Radio. And I'm a committee member for the Danjoo Koorliny (Walking Together) Aboriginal-led 10yr visionary reconciliation/conciliation plan for Boorloo (Perth) which is hosted by the University of Western Australia's Social Impact Unit. This course is a safe space for you to learn and unpack your uncousious biases, to become aware of the social conditioning you’re being bombarded with, and ask the questions you’re not sure are ok to ask. I will hold this space for you and guide you gently with kindness and compassion along your learning journey.